Land Rover and Bowler announce brand partnership

Brett Davis

Land Rover and Land Rover performance specialist Bowler have announced an official brand partnership deal which will see Bowler vehicles wearing a ‘powered by Land Rover’ badge.

Both the current Bowler EXR rally car and Bowler EXR S road car will wear the badge. Going forward however, Bowler will have access to more of Land Rover’s technology to develop further products. Land Rover says,

“Bowler will benefit from access to components – powertrain and chassis engineering in particular – and technical and development support from Land Rover.”

Conversely, the deal will also benefit Land Rover, “allowing Land Rover’s engineers to stretch themselves creatively and technically on an extreme performance-orientated programme that brings further knowledge to the road-going Land Rover range”.

Drew Bowler, managing director of Bowler, recently said,

“We’ve only ever used Land Rover powertrains, and this relationship will give us access to current Land Rover technologies, and a great platform from which to support our racing activities and develop future models.

“We’re really looking forward to promoting and selling both the EXR and EXR S on a global basis, and the partnership with Land Rover will help us and our customers in terms of aftersales and parts availability.”

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