Insane Daymak C5 Blast electric go-kart does 0-100km/h in 1.5 seconds (videos)

Here at PerformanceDrive, we love all things that move, no matter how big or small, or how fast or slow. That means everything ranging from an Infiniti QX80 to a go-kart.

Some of the go-karts we’ve featured include the liquid piston rotary go-kart, and we’re not averse to having a go on a figure-8 circuit in our down time. We also love Teslas due to their instantaneous, high-voltage burst of acceleration that is like nothing else we have experienced. What if these two things were combined?

Enter the Daymak C5 Blast; a new electric go-kart that can accelerate from 0-60mph (97km/h) in 1.5 seconds, making it quicker than any hypercar on the planet.

The coolest part is that it uses Electric Ducted Fans (EDF) to create 100kg of thrust, to push the kart off the ground so it is almost levitating. The lift function might seem at odds with cornering prowess but 1.5 seconds is almost top fuel dragster fast.

Could this technology ever come to the automotive world? Ponder that as you watch the videos below.