Infiniti unveils stunning real-life Vision GT concept

Gran Turismo 6 fans will recognise this concept as Infiniti’s contribution to the Vision GT fad. The main difference is this car is in real-life and not just a pixelated creation.

Infinti Vision GT concept-real

Infiniti says it created the car to give us all some insight into the brand’s future design direction, and possibly a direction for an upcoming high-performance production model.

It adopts a very low profile GT coupe design, with a large front grille and air intake system, slimline headlights, and pronounced front wheel arches to give it the impression of a wild animal ready to pounce.

Along the sides are a set of deep cutaways that expose large heat extraction vents just in front of the doors, supported by sharp side skirts that stretch back to the rear wheels. Around the rear wheels are a set of bulging haunches that match the front guards.

A chunky rear diffuser finishes off the lower skirting at the back, which seems to blend in well with the rest of the coupe, while an aviation-style lip spoiler is mounted on futuristic, central trusses for that sporty look.

No specifics have been released by Infiniti in regards to propulsion, however, the digital concept comes with a front mid-ship powertrain layout using a transaxle (rear-mounted transmission) setup providing a 45:55 weight distribution.

Although there are no plans for this concept to go into production as is, we have previously heard the brand is looking to introduce a high-performance coupe by 2020. It could potentially borrow components from the Nissan GT-R. If an eventual production car does stem from this, we certainly hope it carries over the striking design.