Honda Integra gets NSX V6 engine conversion with RWD

The Integra Type R and NSX are two of Honda’s most celebrated screamers of the 1990s. One four-cylinder and one V6, but both using VTEC to scream past 8000rpm and into classic status. What happens when you combine the two? Leave that to New Zealand’s Speed Science to answer.

Starting with a square-light DC2 Integra Type R, the front-wheel drive, 1.8-litre and six-speed manual combo is completely stripped out, as well as the hatch and rear windows.

In goes the NSX’s 3.0-litre C30 VTEC V6 and transverse gearbox behind a welded roll cage that sits behind the front seats. A meaner exhaust setup and six individual throttle-body injectors are added for a beefier note. We can’t until it gets on the dyno soon.

We shouldn’t be surprised this one came from New Zealand, where there has been some very crafty and innovative builds of late, including the 1GZ-FE V12-powered Toyota Corona we featured not long ago. More info on this project can been found on NZHondas forum.