Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 2.2 package revealed

Honda VTEC fan boys will be salivating at the mouth to get their hands on this recently revealed Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 2.2 package.

The original Honda Civic Type R MUGEN debuted in 2010. Only 20 examples were built (hand-built), and they were only on sale in the UK. This new Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 2.2 is built to commemorate the K20 engine, which recently went out of production due to “environmental pressures”. Hiro Toyoda, vice-president of MUGEN Euro explains,

“Environmental pressures mean naturally aspirated engines are rapidly being superseded by other engine architectures and technologies.

“We may never see the like of the K20 in a mainstream production car again, so felt it only fitting we mark the occasion with this special 2.2 version of the Honda Civic Type R.”

The engine in the Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 2.2 is enlarged thanks to increased bore and stroke giving a displacement of 2156cc (2.2-litres).
The Honda Civic Type R MUGEN now produces 191 kW and 240 Nm – these figures are 30 per cent higher than the standard Honda Civic Type R.

MUGEN doesn’t only fondle with the engine, the car also receives sports suspension, uprated brakes and a flamboyant “performance” bodykit.

As for production, MUGEN won’t be producing a limit number like the previous generation. It says that it will either convert the four last remaining, unsold, Civic Type R MUGENs into 2.2 packages, or offer the kit to existing owners as a conversion.

For many, the K20 engine is/was the yardstick of Honda horsepower – the obvious choice for Honda tuners and motorsports competitors who want the very best in naturally aspirated, high-revving performance. If only MUGEN was tied in with Honda Australia operations.