Hamann Mystere Range Rover gets grey makeover

The Range Rover is already a fairly imposing-looking machine. To amplify the character Hamann has revised its ‘Mystere’ upgrade package which gives the Range Rover an anabolic level of road presence and stature.

Hamann Mystere Range Rover-greyHamann-Mystere-Range-Rover-2013-Geneva-show

The kit was originally revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, however, it was dressed in a chrome pink/purple colour scheme. With the new gunmetal grey, it looks much more stealthy and manly.

Highlight features include the impossible-to-miss bulging wheel arches which extend the overall width by 80mm, a unique carbon fibre bonnet, carbon front guards, and a chunky rear diffuser and spoiler system.

Hamann Mystere Range Rover wheel arches

To complete the look a set of 23-inch alloy wheels are used which hide in the guards thanks to an electronically adjustable suspension system which can lower the SUV by 40mm.

The luxuriously pampering interior with bespoke Alcantara and leather options make it perfect for any occasion. One word comes to mind; beast.