Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation game trailer released (video)

At the E3 gaming expo in Las Vegas, Sony and Polyphony previewed the highly-anticipated Gran Turismo Sport game, including revealing more details about gameplay and graphics and a release date.

The game will lob in the third quarter of this year, with the game already available for pre-order in Australia. The latest title of the saga which began in the 1990s promises never before seen attention to detail and realism.

There will be 15 locations, with 27 different track layouts, and loads of cars including the new Bugatti Chiron. The game will be compatible with 4K, with a frame rate of 60fps and HDR available. This means the father of GT himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, was able to make the weather more dynamic and sharper, with a more immersive experience as a result.

Speaking of immersive, the game will also be compatible with the Playstation VR headset, potentially offering a truly next-level experience for gamers.

Difficulty will be well managed with 140 modes, from novice to super competitive. Remember, this is a game that can lead to an actual racing driving career.

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Everything from the way the cars bump into each other to the way light now interacts with them makes us excited for what could be the next big leap in driving simulation games. Check out the trailer video below.

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