Ford envisions Autolivery autonomous delivery service (video)

Ford has gone to great pains to let you know that it is no longer just a car company; it’s a mobility company. This means hiring experts in AI, acquiring ride-sharing companies and gathering wads of data before it launches its first fully autonomous, hybrid car in 2021.

In the meantime the company is showing off its ‘Autolivery’ concept, which is part of the mobility mantra. Autolivery is an automated delivery service van that incorporates drones that can even deliver to high-rise units.

In the video below, an inner-city apartment dweller, circa 2030 (we presume) of a utopian megacity, named ‘Claire’, gets a message on her projecting smartphone that some surprise guests are on the way. In today’s world, that would cause stress of having to drive to the shops to organise dinner, but the Autolivery app has an inventory of what Claire can use to prepare food. What she needs for dinner can be delivered by the Autolivery van at request.

This seems pretty cool in our opinion and reminds us of other drone delivery concepts pioneered by Amazon and Mercedes-Benz’s Vision Van concept, which also has drones ready to deliver parcels.

How long before this becomes a reality? With the pace of change in today’s world, perhaps sooner than we all think.