For Sale: Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia

November 7, 2011

After a cliché-less Ferrari? Perhaps this Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia is just what the doctor ordered. Yes, although it looks a little like it came from the scene of the Smurfs, it is a proper Scuderia version of the Ferrari 430 supercar.

It’s currently up for sale at Ferrari of Newport Beach in the US. This is not your average Ferrari colour, it’s not even a special edition colour, the showroom itself actually came up with the idea and custom ordered it from Ferrari. The Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia advertisement explains,

“If you’re a serious car collector or just someone looking for an extremely rare find this is your car and the only one like it on the planet. We sent the Tiffany gift box along with the white silk ribbon to the factory and said match it!”

What do you think? From one viewpoint, a Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia has got a kind of cool beach theme to it, and it’s something different to the very usual red colour scheme. But on the other hand, it looks a little bit, umm… non-aggressive. We’re not sure.

There’s at least a couple of aspects that make this a special and very unique buy though. The first being that it’s a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, which means it comes with a 4.3-litre high-revving V8 developing 379kW and weighs 100kg less than the normal 430 (1350kg vs 1450kg). The Scuderia also manages 0-100km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

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It’s also dressed in various go-fast race-ready features, including carbon disc brakes with yellow calipers, smooth Alcantara interior trim with matching body colour stitching, a carbon fibre steering wheel, and bucket seats.

The other reason this Tiffany Blue Ferrari 430 Scuderia could be a cool buy is that it has only got 687km on the clock. This would surely make it one of the rarest and most mint condition 430 Scuderias around. What do you think of it?

If you’re interested, the buyer is asking US$219,000 (approximately AU$212,779). Head over to the Ferrari of Newport Beach website for the full details.

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