For Sale: Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo insane build with over 640hp

This is the stealthiest Porsche 911 creation that we’ve ever come across. It’s a custom Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo replica which has been a complete ground-up project.

Stealthy not as in under the radar, we’re talking stealthy as in the Stealth jet fighter. This Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo has been a no-expense-spared project which has been the owner’s living and breathing passion since the beginning.

It features Rebel Racing coilover suspension front and rear, with the rear mounted on the roll cage and raised by 76mm. The front also features spindle-lock hubs raised by 19mm, with a DZug chassis brace and a removable brace at the rear.

At all four corners the Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo features proper old-school racing BBS racing wheels measuring 17 x 10.5-inch on the front – yes, the front – and 19 x 14-inch on the rear. These are wrapped in 315/35s tyres on the front and simply massive 345/35s on the rear.

Inside, there’s a Vasek Polak 935 Lollipop tartan racing seat for the driver with the rest stripped out in racer theme. We mentioned fighter jet earlier, the Blackbird replica has roof-mounted switches for the ignition, fuel pumps and cooling fans and the engine ECU. The interior also features a Hargett gear shifter and even an access panel to the transmission.

In the engine bay, the Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo presents an extensive package. The engine started off life as an Andial 3.8-litre flat six and features two T4 hybrid turbochargers with 46mm wastegates. The engine also features Porsche valve springs, a MoTeC M600 engine computer and four wheel sensors, three oil coolers (two in the rear guards and one at the front), and a custom intercooler.

According to the original pelicanparts forum where the 935 K3 was advertised, the engine is good for 473kW (634hp) at the wheels running on 14.5psi with a previous EMS engine computer system. The engine is now built for 23psi with the MoTec – this is one insane Porsche.

For anyone may not know, the Porsche 935 K3 is a special racing Porsche based on the 911. Porsche raced these ‘Batmobile’ style 911s at Le Mans and various FIA World Championship series events around the world. Like the race cars, this Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo replica for sales features an epic, dramatic body which extends well beyond the factory Porsche 911 layount, in width and length and every panel edge.

Take a moment and browse through some of the build process images bellow. The owner says to have something like this built it would cost around US$180,000. This version, which does have some minor wrinkles that need ironing out, is for sale at just US$45,000. Check below for the specifications.

Porsche 935 K3 Blackbird Turbo specifications

(according to the original pelicanparts forum advertisement):

3.8-liter Andial P&C’s with approximately 9656km on the motor all at 1.0 to 1.2 bar
MoTeC M600 ECU and sensors tuned by MoTeC Northeast (over $20k in the ECU support system)
Four wheel speed sensors
Porsche 935 headers created from 321 stainless from original 935 headers
Custom aluminum boost tubes to run back to intercooler in rear seat
TWM individual throttle bodies
Single pulley conversion
Custom intercooler with 2 5″ ducts from rear quarter panels force feeding it
Three Oil Coolers

  • 72-row front oil cooler
  • Two 9-inch Setrab units with fans attached & wired up in rear quarters

T4 hybrid turbochargers with .63 hotsides
Dual 46mm Tial wastegates
Flame ringed heads
Porsche Motorsport valve springs
Modified Carrera 2 case with 8.5:1 compression
Custom cams from WebCam (Eddie Bello grind)
935 motor mount (cradle)
ALL AN fittings and braided stainless lines for all oil and fuel lines
Fuel pressure regulator
474kW and 819Nm at the wheels with old EMS – currently tuned to drive like a kitten in traffic and around town or put down some serious power and spin the 345/35/19 rear slicks
Tilton three-plate clutch with custom flywheel (hydraulic throwout bearing)

Four-speed 930 unit with Quaife limited-slip differential

Rear suspension raised 76mm
Rebel Racing coilovers, rears custom valved for 318kg springs and dyno’d to near identical specs of one another
Front spindles raised 19mm
Custom 935 style (DZug) chassis brace
Removable rear 935 motor cross member

Wheels and Brakes:
Porsche 911 993 Turbo brakes with custom hats for centerlocks
No parking brake
Pagid Black pads, 70 per cent live left
Front wheels: BBS magnesium centers (16″ with 17″ rim halves) 17×10.5 315/35/17
Rear wheels: BBS magnesium centers (16″ with 19″ rim halves) 19×14 345/35/19

Vasek Polak 935 Lollipop in Peter Gregg tartan driver’s seat
Hargett shifter
Rear access panel to transmission
Rear shelf area custom panels
Custom NHS LED red face gauges
Carpet on dash per original 935
Full cage with low door bars
Schroth Profi III six-point camlock harnesses
Aluminum block off panels
Roof mounted switches for ECU, ignition, fuel pumps, fans for oil coolers, and start button
Sunroof delete with complete new roof panel from 1974 chassis

Original 935 K3 bodywork: front clip, tail, rear fenders, rear window overlay
Aftermarket fiberglass hood with amateur hood vent
Jager style square rocker panels
911 R tail lights
Carbon fiber doors with lexan slider door windows
Lexan quarter windows
Lexan rear window
Stock 930 windshield