Chinese EV maker debuts NIO ET5 with 150kWh long-range battery

Chinese EV startup NIO has unveiled its latest creation, the NIO ET5. It’s an all-electric mid-size sedan that features a massive 150kWh battery pack offering up to 1000km of real-world driving range, and it is set to hit production in September, 2022.

Prices will start at around AU$70,000 for the entry-level variant (not confirmed for Australia), which is set to go toe-to-go with the Tesla Model 3, Kia EV6 and the Hyundai IONIQ 5 in the world of mid-size electric vehicles.

NIO unveiled the ET5 at its NIO day, 2021 event in Suzhou, China, taking the veil off the dual-motor powertrain producing 360kW/700Nm and an outrageous claimed range figure of 1000km. That’s thanks to its massive 150kWh ‘Ultralong’ range battery.

NIO says that the ET5 sprints from 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds thanks to a 210kW electric motor over the rear and 150kW motor at the front axle.

By the look of it, the NIO ET5 will be available in three different battery sizes. The standard range battery is rated at 75kWh, while the long range unit is rated at 100kWh, topped by the flagship’s 150kWh battery.

The company says the standard range ET5 offers over 550km of range, with the standard range offering 700km. All variants offer a low drag coefficient of 0.24.

The ET5 joins the NIO ET7 electric flagship that was unveiled earlier this year, with the company hoping to expand to more than 25 countries by the middle of the decade, including right-hand drive markets.

Denmark, Germany and Sweden are set to be the first destinations for NIO’s expansion plans, with the company planning to introduce the ET5 and ET7 to select European markets by the end of 2022.