2021 Audi RS 3 Sportback prototype

2021 Audi RS 3 spotted, pushing hard at Nurburgring (video)

Apr 24, 2020

Audi has been spotted testing a prototype version of the fire-cracking 2021 Audi RS 3 Sportback on the Nurburgring, and the test drivers look like they are pushing really hard to hone the new super...

2021 BMW M4 prototype

2021 BMW M4 prototype spotted testing, with new 4 Series (video)

Apr 17, 2020

BMW has been spotted test driving a prototype version of the all-new 2021 BMW M4 (G82) coupe around the Nurburgring in Germany, along side regular versions of the yet-to-debut 4 Series in coupe (G22) and...

2021 Hyundai i20 N prototype at Nurburgring

2021 Hyundai i20 N spotted at Nurburgring, sounds like 3CYL? (video)

Apr 03, 2020

Hyundai has been spotted on video, if only briefly, testing a prototype version of the upcoming i20 N on the Nurburgring. The test mule appears to be wearing its production body, albeit wrapped in disorienting...

2021 BMW M3 ‘G80’ recommences testing at Nurburgring (video)

Mar 24, 2020

Following the northern winter closures of the Nurburgring, BMW has just been spotted out and about testing new prototypes of the G80 2021 BMW M3 sports sedan on the punishing circuit. The last time we...

2021 Genesis G80 prototype spotted with fresh design (video)

Dec 16, 2019

Genesis has been spotted testing a prototype version of its upcoming, second-generation G80 at the Nurburgring. And it appears to be wearing some of its new-look production panels. The next G80 will be quite a...

2020 Porsche 911 Turbo spotted, looks fast at Nurburgring (video)

Nov 19, 2019

Porsche has been spotted once again pushing prototypes of the 2020 911 Turbo hard around the Nurburgring, as it prepares the new icon before its market arrival by the middle of next year. We now...

2020 Audi RS Q8 breaks SUV Nurburgring lap record (video)

Nov 06, 2019

Just as the new Aston Martin DBX is about to hit the market with a promising Nurburgring lap time, and Lamborghini recently seen lurking around the circuit with a mysterious Urus, Audi has stormed into...

Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ testing continues, pushing hard at Nurburgring (video)

Nov 05, 2019

Tesla is continuing testing on the Nurburgring with its upcoming ‘Plaid’ high-performance package for the Model S. A prototype has been spotted again doing the rounds, featuring a very serious aero kit. It looks like...

2021 Hyundai Tucson driving dynamics honed at Nurburgring (video)

Oct 30, 2019

Hyundai has been spotted test driving a prototype version of the next-gen, 2021 Hyundai Tucson again. This time, engineers are using the Nurburgring to hone the SUV’s driving dynamics and suspension. The new model will...

Alpina XB7 prototype spotted, sailing around Nurburgring (video)

Oct 26, 2019

Alpina has been spotted testing a prototype version of BMW’s mammoth X7, known as the XB7, out on the Nurburgring to develpo potential engine and suspension tuning underneath. This will be an interesting one as...

2020 BMW M3 G80 rear end revealed, spied on production line (video)

Oct 22, 2019

An image of the all-new 2020 BMW M3 G80 has surfaced on social media, showing the rear end of the performance sedan in full view for the very first time. It certainly looks aggressive. The...

Tesla Model S returns to Nurburgring, benchmark timing (video)

Oct 21, 2019

Tesla has been spotted once again testing some Model S prototypes around the Nurburgring in Germany, following previous runs at the track last month. This all started about a month ago when company boss Elon...