Bugatti Veyron police car added to Dubai police force

There’s been a few super-exotic cars added to police forces in the Middle East lately. The latest and perhaps grandest of them all? A Bugatti Veyron police car.

Bugatti Veyron police car-Dubai

This is one cop car you don’t want to be fleeing from. Once holding the title as the world’s fastest production car, with an outlandish top speed of 408km/h, the Veyron makes an ideal contribution to the Dubai police force. The region is renowned for its large mega-rich supercar communities.

The Veyron joins the recently assigned Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF from last month. They also join a range of other super-sportscars that the Dubai police use, including a Chevrolet Camaro, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and even an Aston Martin One-77.

The strange part is, the local police has informed that while the cars are ideal for high-speed pursuits, their duties will mainly be focused around patrolling the cities and ‘showing off’ the region’s wealth.

We’re sure there will be a sudden influx in Dubai police recruit applications this year.

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