Bentley Bentayga fishing kit by Mulliner announced

It’s a common problem. You’ve just picked up your Bentley Bentaya and shooting pheasants just doesn’t arouse you like it used to. You could turn your hunting attention to the sea, but you don’t want your quilted leather smelling of rod and bream.

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner fishing

That’s where Bentley’s coach-building division, Mulliner, comes in with this truly dazzling fly fishing ensemble integrated into the boot. There are three rods encased in saddled leather, a waterproof compartment for your fishy conquests, a burr walnut drawer for all your tackle, fly-tying equipment and feathers, landing nets in bespoke leather bags, and a refrigerated leather compartment to put your drinks.

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner fishing-4

The refreshments compartment contains three flasks and chinaware for a picnic, and there’s a dehumidifier to ensure there is no musty aroma. This entire ensemble can be removed if you need to use the full extent of the cargo area. Your family crest or individual logos can take the place of the ‘Mulliner’ script adorning most of what you see.

There is no mention of price, but like most of the Bentayga itself, it’s a handcrafted affair which would not come cheaply. Throw in the $300,000 Breitling tourbillion option (the world’s most expensive car option) and you’re getting towards a $1 million SUV.