Australian vehicle sales for June 2012 – Toyota 86 hot favourite

The official VFACTS figures for Australian new vehicle registrations for June 2012 are out, with the Toyota HiLux once again out in front of the popular Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla.

According to the figures, 4308 2012 Toyota HiLux vehicles were registered last month (down from 4626 of May sales). This comprised of 1157 4×2 and 3151 4×4 sales.

As for last year’s most popular vehicle, the Mazda3, sales have picked up yet again on May’s effort (3288) to 3924, closely followed by the Toyota Corolla with 3804 sales.

Sales for Australia’s Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon in the Large Cars under $70,000 segment are up, with 2743 new Commodore registrations in June compared to 2521 in May. The Ford Falcon (Falcon EcoBoost review here) also climbed considerably on last month’s figures, 1431 compared with 1008 of May. The Toyota Aurion dropped off slightly, posting 830 sales in June.

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Stepping into the Large Cars over $70,000 category, the BMW 5 Series has overtaken the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, posting 118 (plus 9 Gran Turismo) sales against the E-Class’s 65. The new Lexus GS is also climbing, posting 85 sales in June, followed by the Jaguar XF (64) and Audi A6 (37).

Shinning through in the Sports Cars under $80,000 segment was the new Toyota 86, pitching 414 sales in its first month on sale. It was overshadowed by last month’s favourite though, the Hyundai Veloster, which posted 450 sales (up from 359 of May). The two were followed by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe with 167 sales, and the BMW 1 Series Coupe/Convertible closely behind with 140 sales.

In the Sport Cars over $80,000 category, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe/Convertible remained in front with 159 sales (down from 356 sales of May). This was followed by the Audi A5 (93) and the BMW 3 Series Coupe/Convertible (89).

For the Sports Cars above $200,000 category, the new Porsche 911 was the king again, posting 20 sales, down from 26 of May. This was closely followed by the BMW 6 Series with 18 sales, and then the new McLaren MP4-12C with 12 sales. Ferrari (unspecified models) sold 7 vehicles, while Aston Martin also sold 8.

In the popular sports 4×4 Ute category, the 2012 Toyota HiLux was the favourite once again, posting 3151 sales (down from 3539 in May), with the Nissan Navara as the second most popular again with 2731 (up from 2252 sales of May). The Mitsubishi Triton rounded out the top three with 1675 sales (up from 1389).

Total ute sales (4×2 and 4×4) for June 2012 ran in this order: Toyota HiLux: 4308, Nissan Navara: 3034, Mitsubishi Triton: 2186, Ford Ranger: 1783, Mazda BT-50: 1135, Isuzu D-Max: 912, Holden Colorado: 899, Volkswagen Amarok: 544.

For the somewhat sporty Medium cars under $60,000 category, the 2012 Toyota Camry was the favourite once again, posting 2303 (up from 1850 sales of May). It was followed by the Honda Accord Euro, posting 1094 (up from 884), with the Mazda6 finishing off the top three with 589.

In the sports/luxury Medium Cars over $60,000 category, the new BMW 3 Series climbed over the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, with 565 sales versus 482, followed by the Audi A4 (308) and the Lexus IS250/350 (219).

As for the very popular Small cars under $40,000 segment, the Mazda3 remains in the lead with 3924 sales, followed by the Toyota Corolla with 3804 sales, and then the Holden Cruze with 2746 sales. Both of the top two are considerably up on May sales, while the Cruze is down slightly.

Lastly, the SUV market saw some interesting Aussie changes. In a surprise move the Ford Territory has overtaken the previous overall large SUV leader – the Toyota LandCruiser Prado- with 1800 sales versus 1613.

The 2012 BMW X5 (398) overtook the Mercedes-Benz M-Class (340) in the SUV Large above $70,000 segment, while the Lexus RX rounded out the top three, with 289 sales.

As for the rest of the SUV segments (SUV Small under and above $40,000, SUV Medium under and above $60,000, and the SUV Upper Large under and above $100,000), the Nissan Dualis was the favourite in the under $40,000 category with 1395 sales, while the Mazda CX-5 is still going strong posting 1955 sales (up from 1680) in the over $40,000 segment. The Mazda CX-5 was the best-selling overall SUV.

In the SUV Medium above $60,000 segment, the Range Rover Evoque sales dropped off from 321 in May to 263 in June, closely followed by the Volvo XC60 (245). The LandCruiser continues to overshadow the Nissan Patrol in the SUV Upper Large segment, with 900 versus 314 sales.

The overall motoring market in Australia picked up in June compared with May, with 112,566 vehicle sales, above last month’s 96,069 total vehicle sales. Sales are also up from June 2011 figures of 96,157.

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