Australian vehicle sales for July 2012 – Veloster holding on

The official VFACTS figures for Australian new vehicle registrations for July 2012 are out, and, contrary to what most were anticipating, the Hyundai Veloster has managed to hold off the popular new Toyota 86.

Overall, Toyota is once again responsible for the best-selling vehicle of the month, with the Toyota HiLux, posting 4163 sales – down from June’s 4308. The popular ute was followed by the Mazda3 (3355) and the Toyota Corolla (2985) in overall sales.

As for the Aussie icons in the Large Cars under $70,000 segment, the Holden Commodore still outsells the Ford Falcon by a big margin (Falcon EcoBoost review here). Holden managed to get 2399 Commodores off the showroom floor – down from 2743 in June – while Ford dropped off below 1000 with just 941 sales – down from 1431 of June. The Toyota Aurion dropped off even further from May to June, recording 536 sales in July – down from 830 in June.

In the Large Cars over $70,000 category, the BMW 5 Series remains ahead of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, reporting 87 sales in July (plus 10 Gran Turismo sales). The E-Class went to 47 new homes (plus 47 CLS sales) – down from 65 of June. The new Lexus GS is still third-best seller, recording 54 sales – down from 85 – followed by the Jaguar XF (51) and Audi A6 (36).

Stepping into the Sports Cars under $80,000 segment, the Hyundai Veloster is proving a strong seller, even deflecting the popularity of the Toyota 86. The Veloster was the best-seller, posting 360 sales – down from 450 of June – ahead of the Toyota 86 which recorded 315 – down from 414. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe went to 186 new homes, overtaking last month’s third-best, the BMW 1 Series with 128 sales.

Going up to the Sport Cars over $80,000 category, the Mercedes-Benz SLK was a clear favourite, going to 117 lucky buyers, followed by the BMW 3 Series Coupe/Convertible which went to 62 homes. The Audi A5 rounded out the top three posting 61 sales.

In the Sports Cars above $200,000 category, the new Porsche 911 remains the leader, recording 18 sales – down from 20 in June – closely followed by the BMW 6 Series with 15 sales. Maserati (unspecified models) sold 10 new vehicles, followed by Ferrari (9), and the Audi R8 (8).

For the very popular 4×4 Ute segment, the 2012 Toyota HiLux obviously shone through as the leader, with 3044 sales (of the 4163 combined 4×2 and 4×4), followed by the Nissan Navara (1979). Ford’s new 4×4 Ranger stepped up into third spot, recording 1250 sales last month, overtaking the Mitsubishi Triton which went to just 551 new homes. The Holden Colorado jumped up into fourth spot, with 1159 sales.

Total ute sales (4×2 and 4×4) for July 2012 ran in this order: Toyota HiLux: 4163, Nissan Navara: 2164, Ford Ranger: 1688, Holden Colorado: 1274, Mazda BT-50: 1011, Mitsubishi Triton: 902, Isuzu D-Max: 669, Volkswagen Amarok: 552.

For the semi-sporty Medium cars under $60,000 category, the 2012 Toyota Camry remains in the lead, recording 1775 sales – down from 2303 in June. It was followed by two newcomers to the top three in this segment; the Volkswagen Passat (581) and the Ford Mondeo (470), both recording big increases compared with June.

In the sports/luxury Medium Cars over $60,000 category, the new BMW 3 Series (F30 320i Sport Line review here) remains in front of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, posted 582 sales against the Merc’s 464. The two were followed by the Audi A4 (277) and the Lexus IS250/350 (152).

As for the very popular Small cars under $40,000 segment, the Mazda3 remains the favourite with 3355 sales – down from 3924 in June – followed by the Toyota Corolla with 2985 – down from 3804. The Hyundai i30 (2045) overtook the Holden Cruze (1875) to round out the top three.

Lastly, the SUV market was dominated by the two favourites once again; the Mazda CX-5 (1483) and the Toyota Prado (1415 sales).

In the SUV Large above $70,000 segment the Mercedes-Benz M-Class (320) overtook the BMW X5 (202), followed by the Lexus RX (187).

In the rest of the SUV segments, the top-sellers comprised of the following:

SUV Small under/above $40,000 – Nissan Dualis (1183)/Audi Q3 (115)
SUV Medium under/above $60,000 –
Mazda CX-5 (1483)/BMW X3 (226)
SUV Upper Large under/above $100,000
– Toyota LandCruiser (760)/Mercedes-Benz GL-Class (49)

In the sporty SUV Medium above $60,000 segment, the Range Rover Evoque (194) was overtaken by the BMW X3 (226) and the Audi Q5 (218).

Overall new vehicle sales in Australia dropped off considerably compared with June, with 86,641 sales – down from 112,566. However, the figure is up on last year’s July figure of 80,991.