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Who Is is a team of dedicated motor finance professionals who pride themselves on finding the best car loan deals for you. They have a large range of lender accreditations who can assist our clients in getting a better deal on their car finance.

Why Use source the right loan for their clients. By the client going direct to a lender, or through dealership finance, it can restrict their options for sourcing the best car loan for them. How can you be sure you are getting the right deal, if there is only one product available for you? has access to multiple different car loan providers and products, narrowing down the best product through their wide range of products and financiers available. use well known motor financiers and also big name banks. We can often obtain better interest rates using the same lender that you have already enquired through, due to the volumes of business provided to our partners. currently has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin and are expanding in the very near future, and we have many consultants providing car finance assistance, which also keeps our lending partners competitive, as by us having many loan consultants, we provide many car loans each month, and we intend on placing our clients with our most competitive lender at the time, resulting in the lenders wanting as much of our business as possible.

What Options Do We Provide?

We provide all types of car loans with personal use products, such as Consumer Loans, or sometimes called Secured Car Loans. We also provide all business use products, such as Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase or Lease Agreements.

We also have a specialist team who solely work on helping clients who have had previous credit issues, and as they are dedicated to this sector, they are very well trained to give those with bad credit issues the best opportunity at obtaining a car loan.

We can also provide finance for many other types of assets, such as trucks, boats and marine, motorbikes and other bikes, motorhomes and caravans and also plant and equipment.

We also have a specialist car buying service, where they can source discounted pricing on brand new cars, through their Australia wide dealer network, which can often save the client thousands of dollars off the purchase price of their new car. can provide all types of salary sacrifice arrangements for motor vehicles, including Maintained and Non-Maintained Novated Leases. can also give you competitive pricing on a range of other options which can protect the asset you are purchasing and the loan. These products would include motor vehicle insurances, vehicle warranties and roadside assistance, loan protection insurances including redundancy, disability, death or trauma cover and shortfall protection insurances.


Using can save you both time and money, as we will do the car loan shopping for you, and can often be done within hours to source a great loan product without you leaving the comfort of your own home.