APEX AP-0 revealed as new 485kW electric supercar

A new supercar is hitting the scene called the APEX AP-0. It’s a fully electric, ultra lightweight, low-slung machine that promises to embrace the connection between driver and machine.

Power comes from a 90kWh battery system which is mounted low down, within the floor, to help keep the centre of gravity low. The floor has also been designed to be very flat, helping with aerodynamics and to suck the car to the ground for increased grip at speed.

From the lithium-ion battery, power is sent to an electric motor that turns the rear wheels. Up to 485kW and 580Nm is available from zero rpm, helping to send the AP-0 off to a claimed 0-100km/h time of just 2.3 seconds. The system also offers a top speed of 306km/h.

On a full charge the powertrain offers a range of 515km on the WLTP test cycle. The AP-0 is compatible with CCS, Type 2 and GB/T charging systems, and can be topped up to 80 per cent from zero charge in under 15 minutes using a high-output CCS charger.

Underneath it all is a composite monocoque tub with modular spaceframes, along with a spine that connects it all together. It’s all designed with lightness in mind, with lots of carbon fibre making up the construction. In fact, the kerb weight is just 1200kg, which is very light for an electric car.

To ensure excellent handling and dynamics, the AP-0 uses push-rod suspension at the front and rear, with coil-over dampers at all corners. This layout is commonly seen in motorsport, including Formula 1, offering superb handling and balance. This layout also helps to optimise weight distribution.

At the front are a set of 19-inch wheels that wear 245/55 tyres, with 20-inch items at the back wearing 305/30 tyres. Behind these are 360mm carbon ceramic discs on the front and 340mm on the back, with six- and four-piston calipers front and rear, respectively.

APEX is planning to offer the AP-0 in global markets, with production scheduled to commence during the fourth quarter of this year. Prices start from £150,000 (about AU$298,000).