AMS Alpha G Nissan GT-R ready for TX2K16, world’s most powerful?

As another day passes, another ridiculously tuned Nissan GT-R breaks a record, hoping to take the crown as the world’s fastest.

AMS Alpha G Nissan GT-R-stripped

This day is no different, as we present to you the AMS Performance ‘Alpha G’ Nissan GT-R, with a powertrain capable of delivering more than 1860kW (2500hp) at the wheels.

The current top-dog in the highly competitive world of GT-Rs on steroids comes from the team at Ekanoo Racing, who managed to pull together a mind-boggling 7.44sec/320km/h quarter-mile run.

AMS has ever so slightly downsized engine capacity of the aluminum bock from the previous Alpha Omega setup, from 4.0-litres to 3.8, and added two giant Garrett GTX turbochargers.

Gideon “Gidi” Chamdo, the customer requesting this maniacal GT-R, is no stranger to the world of modified racing, having ordered no less than four of AMS’s twin-turbo kits in the past.

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Gidi’s Godzilla in question is being prepared for a debut run at the TX2K16 drag race event in Texas, only a month away, where the battle for the ultimate GT-R is set to hit boiling point.

Alexi is a contributing news journalist and junior road tester at PerformanceDrive. He has a passion and appreciation for the engineering in cars, as well as new technologies that lessen the impact on the environment. His dream cars are an M3 to drive to work, and a LaFerrari for the weekend.