Should Alfa Romeo build a ute, based on the Fiat Toro?

Master digital car crafter Theophilus Chin has created something quite stirring that has definitely got our attention: An Alfa Romeo ute/pickup.


Based on the Fiat Toro that is sold in South American markets, this Alfa Romeo version grafts the front-end from the recently revealed Stelvio SUV onto the high-riding adventure vehicle. Elements such as the Brembo brakes, lightweight alloys and bonnet vents suggest this would be a QV version.

Considering the Toro is based on a front-wheel drive chassis, it is unlikely to handle the Ferrari-derived 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 with 375kW that graces the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrofoglio versions. But, maybe Alfa could just stuff it in there transversely and beef up the AWD system?

While this is unlikely to ever happen, the idea of an Italian luxury ute, based on a South American unibody pickup, coming to the Australian market is an interesting notion to entertain.

Over to you guys. Alfa has already extended to the SUV bandwagon. Do you think an Alfa Romeo Stelvio pickup would fit in well here? Or should Alfa leave the ute business to Mercedes-Benz and the rest of established Japanese set?