ADV.1 develops alloy wheels for the Bugatti Veyron

It’s not often you see a Bugatti Veyron, let alone one that has been modified in any way. Alloy wheel specialist ADV.1 has just finished developing a set of lightweight alloy wheels for the speedy beast.

Bugatti Veyron with ADV1 wheels

Developing wheels for any car is a big task. They have to be balanced with the right offset so they meet the body, and they have to withstand huge forces and lateral g-force. Developing them for the Bugatti Veyron is a little bit different though, as engineers have to take into account the car is able to soar on past 400km/h.

The end result that ADV.1 has come up with is the mesh-style multi-spoke ADV6.0 TSSL, finished in ‘Bugatti Stainless’ silver. ADV.1 says the overall diameter is within 1 per cent of the original wheel size, so very similar performance and acceleration is retained.

It took the company two years to hone the wheel to perfection to ensure it lived up to the epic standards and high speed of the Bugatti.

As for the price? The company hasn’t specified exactly, however, the wheels do come with warranty.

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