AC Schnitzer ACS5 2012 BMW M5 tuning kit with 456kW

Ever thought the new M5 needed more power? Meet the AC Schnitzer ACS5 2012 BMW M5 tuning kit. The famous BMW tuning company has revealed it latest package ahead of a Geneva show debut next week.

The AC Schnitzer ACS5 is based on the new M5, and comes with various mechanical, cosmetic, and interior changes to give the super sedan a bespoke touch. This is one of the first comprehensive tuning kits available for the flagship 5 Series

In standard form, the M5 comes with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. With thanks to engine management revisions, AC Schnitzer has managed to amp up power from the standard 412kW to 456kW, and 790Nm from 680Nm.

As part of the AC Schnitzer ACS5 kit, there’s a full bodykit with fresh front and rear bumper bars, a low carbon fibre front spoiler, carbon fibre rear wing and diffuser, and a roof spoiler. An optional boot lip spoiler is also available.

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Other highlights include a chrome front grille and exhaust tips with in-car valve operation, AC Schnitzer Type VIII 21-inch forged alloy wheels, a special AC Schnitzer engine cover, and ‘ACS5 Sport’ decals down the side of the car.

Inside, there’s a smattering of AC Schnitzer trimming details, blue highlights for the M sports steering wheel, a blue aluminium centre console cover, with an aluminium foot rest and pedals.

AC schnitzer doesn’t only provide unique styling tweaks, it’s also renowned for taking part in and winning various motorsports, such as the Nurburgring 24 Hour endurance race. As a result, the company also provides a full uprated suspension kit for optimum handling.

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