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Mcchip-dkr tunes the quad-turbo BMW M550d beast

Oct 09, 2018

BMW’s factory 3.0-litre quad-turbo diesel inline six is a monster of an engine. So can you imagine what it’s like after tuners get hold of...

2017 BMW M550d revealed; quad-turbo, most powerful 6cyl diesel

Apr 26, 2017

BMW has revealed the new 2017 M550d performance diesel sedan with an insane four turbochargers on board, creating the world’s most powerful production six-cylinder diesel...

G30 BMW M550d to get quad-turbo diesel, 294kW – report

Feb 23, 2017

You might have heard of the BMW M550d, with its triple-turbo diesel straight six engine. Well, there’s a good chance the new model will receive...

G-Power tunes BMW M550d Touring, fastest diesel wagon in the world

Mar 31, 2015

G-Power has come up with a tune for BMW’s M550d Touring that has claimed the new speed record for the world’s fastest diesel-powered station wagon....

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Video: BMW M550d tri-turbo diesel tested by Chris Harris

Mar 10, 2012

The new BMW M550d 5 Series uses an all-new triple-turbo diesel engine developed by M Division. Overall power output reads like a meaty V8 spec...

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Video: BMW M550d M Performance tri-turbo diesel explained

Feb 28, 2012

BMW has released an interesting video outlining the workings of the new BMW M Performance tri-turbo diesel engine, found in the BMW M550d and X5...

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Video: BMW M550d tri-turbo does 0-250km/h with ease

Feb 22, 2012

Just ten years ago it would have been very hard to believe a diesel car could offer such serious acceleration as the new BMW M550d....

BMW M550d and X5-X6 M50d M Performance tri-turbo diesels unveiled

Jan 26, 2012

BMW has unveiled the M Performance Automobiles lineup, including the BMW M550d xDrive all-wheel drive 5 Series, and the BMW X5 and X6 M50d. They...

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BMW M550d and BMW X6 M50d more details emerge

Dec 13, 2011

Some more details are being spread about the new BMW X6 M50d and BMW M550d models. Both will feature a triple-turbo performance diesel engine. (BMW...

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BMW M550d tri-turbo previewed in new X6 M teaser video?

Dec 03, 2011

Could this be the first vehicle to use the BMW M550d tri-turbo diesel engine? BMW and M Division have just released a teaser video of...

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BMW M550d to feature 280kW tri-turbo diesel

Nov 23, 2011

Some may remember earlier in the year when documents were leaked from BMW outlining a triple-turbo BMW M550d model variant. More details have just been...

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BMW M550dX high performance triple turbo diesel on the way?

Aug 11, 2011

Judging by an image of a recent brake pad supplier form from inside BMW facilities, it appears the German company is planning on bringing out...