2019 Porsche 911 ‘992’ spotted again, Carrera S? (video)

A prototype version of the 2019 ‘992’ Porsche 911 has been spotted out on the road in Germany, cruising with the sunroof open while flaunting its fat rump. We suspect this could be the sportier Carrera S version.

We don’t get a preview of the new 911’s performance or engine sound, as the prototype is only seen cruising along the highway. However, we do get a glimpse of some of the design details, such as the vertical venting for the engine cover, and the almost full-width LED taillights.

You can also see the active rear wing which looks like it extends all the way along and around to the rear guards, above the taillights. There’s also some extraction vents down behind the rear wheels, with quad-outlet exhausts and a diffuser in the middle.

Inside is where we’ll likely see most of the updates. There’s talk of a digital instrument cluster coming in, although a prominent central tacho may remain analogue following tradition. The rest of the five-gauge layout surrounding the tacho may switch to a fully digital setup.

Details regarding the engine are yet to be confirmed, but the current 3.0-litre twin-turbo flat-six is likely to remain as the core unit as it is relatively new after being introduced in 2015. Power and torque will probably be tweaked, as usual, and economy improved.

In its current form the 3.0-litre unit produces 272kW and 450Nm in the standard form, with the Carrera S developing 309kW and 500Nm. In either case, power is sent through a seven-speed manual or dual-clutch automatic.

Porsche has been spotted testing prototypes of the ‘992’ 911 for quite a while, and even Porsche has released preview images and hinted at a possible electric powertrain option. Industry reports predict a debut some time this year. The Paris motor show in October could be a good candidate for a big unveiling. Click play below for a preview in the meantime.