2018 Honda S2000 to get twin-turbo engine with e-turbo – rumour

A successor to the Honda S2000 might be on the way to coincide with Honda’s 70th anniversary in 2018, as previously rumoured.

There has been much speculation about a revival of the much-vaunted ‘S2K’ – as it’s affectionately known – with patent images surfacing in June 2015 showing just such a vehicle (pictured). A sports concept similar to the patents was displayed at Honda’s Mountain View Research Park last year, too – potentially offering more clues.

The original S2000 was the spiritual sucessor to the Honda 800; a car which could rev to 10,000rpm. The S2K still holds the record for the most powerful naturally-aspirated four-cylinder production engine ever made, at 184kW from 2.0-litres. It had a 9000rpm redline too.

The new car won’t take the same naturally aspirated approach, however. Instead, apparently there’s speak of a twin-turbo four-cylinder with an electric supercharger to spool up the turbos, powered by a 48V electrical system. This arrangement is said to be good for around 238kW. An eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox is also expected to mate with it but whether a manual will feature is a mystery at this point.

If we’re lucky we might see this bad boy lob at the Paris motor show in September, next year. Fingers crossed.