1000hp Switzer Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition now turnkey ready

Instead of going through the sometimes arduous task of purchasing a new vehicle, and then finding tuning shops to provide you with the modifications that you want, Switzer Performance has the solution. Meet the Switzer Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition with 746kW.

The US-based company has just announced the package is now available, ‘turnkey’ ready, straight from the showroom floor.

After recent expansions to the company, going from a 420-square-metre complex, to a massive 9750-square-metre facility, the new place now has room for a dedicated ‘showroom’ section with complete GT-R ready-to-drive packages.

The Ultimate Street Edition is the first of such offerings, presenting epic performance, tuned handling with new suspension, uprated brakes, and good overall street reliability.

Under the bonnet the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 receives extensive modifications, including new turbochargers, camshafts, and a new intercooler, among other things, pushing power out up to an incredible 746kW (1000hp).

In terms of performance figures, the Switzer GT-R ‘USE’ is capable of 0-100km/h in two and a bit seconds, and it can demolish the quarter mile in just nine seconds.

As far as street performance goes, this would have to be high on the must-have Xmas list.

The package is now available to buy in the US. Prices start at US$88,990 (approximately AU$84,870), on top of the price of a new Nissan GT-R.