Tesla Model X 75D becomes new entry variant, extended range

Tesla has announced the new Model X 75D will replace the base model 70D, adding a larger battery pack and increasing its full-charge driving range.

Tesla Model X


Following the unveil of its latest Model 3 and a facelifted Model S, Tesla has fiddled around with the Model X lineup, with the phasing out of the 70D’s 70kWh battery pack in favour of a 75kWh unit. The end result is an increase in the Model X’s range, up from 354km to 417km.

There are a raft of options for the latest Model X too, most notably a six-seat layout available for a $3000 premium, as well as a seven-seat layout available for an extra $4000.

Prices have changed as well, with the new entry-level 75D setting you back $3000 more than the 70D. Optional extras like Tesla’s autopilot hardware (US$2500), Smart Air Suspension ($10,000), 72-amp charger ($1500), and towing package ($750) are also available.

Power is provided by Tesla’s dual-electric motor powertrain, through an all-wheel-drive drivetrain – one motor at the front axle and one at the rear. The Model X can sprint from 0-100km/h in as quick as 3.4 seconds, with the new 75D capable of the sprint in 6.3 seconds.

Tesla only days ago announced a recall of around 2700 Model X units, with an issue arising with the third-row seats potentially flipping down in an accident. Deliveries for the new variant in the US are expected to begin in July this year.

Alexi is a contributing news journalist and junior road tester at PerformanceDrive. He has a passion and appreciation for the engineering in cars, as well as new technologies that lessen the impact on the environment. His dream cars are an M3 to drive to work, and a LaFerrari for the weekend.

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