Transmission maker develops clever prototype: ZF Smart Urban Vehicle

Jul 10, 2015

German gearbox and automotive parts manufacturer ZF has wheeled out a compact car prototype to showcase some of its innovative ideas for city mobility. Dubbed the Smart Urban Vehicle, it encompasses ideas that are all...

ZF & Levant Power invent regenerative suspension technology

Aug 29, 2013

You’ve probably heard of regenerative braking technology, whereby energy created from deceleration is captured and stored for electrical charge. Two companies – ZF and Levant Power – have revealed they are developing a world-first regenerative...

ZF invests US$215 million to increase 9-speed production

Jul 29, 2013

German transmission specialist ZF will expand its manufacturing capacities to help facilitate the production more eight- and nine-speed automatic transmissions. The expansions include a $232 million investment. With growing demands to reduce vehicle emissions, manufacturers...

Land Rover to demo world’s first nine-speed auto at Geneva

Feb 27, 2013

Land Rover will announce and demonstrate the world’s first nine-speed automatic transmission at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. The ZF unit is set to be the world’s most advanced and most efficient transmission ever fitted...

Nine-speed auto transmission is the limit, says ZF CEO

Nov 09, 2012

How many gears is too many? It seems nine is the limit according to renowned transmission manufacturer, ZF. The CEO recently spoke about the number of gears a transmission could have before it becomes excessive....

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