Volvo signs deal with Uber to supply XC90 autonomous ‘robotaxis’

Nov 21, 2017

Soon, you’ll be able to hail an Uber ride and the car will pick you up with no driver on board. Seriously. And to help fast-track this becoming a reality sooner, Volvo has signed a...

Top 10 best new cars for Uber drivers

May 13, 2017

Uber is on its way to take over the taxi industry in most capital cities, and is now extending to the smaller cities and towns. We have to admit, it is a great technology, giving...

Uber Elevate set to envision flying car taxi technology (video)

Apr 25, 2017

Uber will apparently unveil plans to develop a flying car concept at its annual summit held each year in Dallas, Texas. The ride-sharing giant claims the concept should help build awareness for flying car technology....

Calls for Uber to stop autonomous testing in California

Dec 18, 2016

California’s Attorney General has called for Uber to forgo further testing of its autonomous vehicles in the state, even threatening legal action, according to reports. Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General, has said that Uber’s collaboration...

Uber & Volvo start self-driving pilot in San Francisco

Dec 15, 2016

Uber and Volvo have announced the continuation of a collaboration that will see autonomous driving technology tested on the streets of San Francisco. Volvo has released a statement confirming that it is working alongside Uber...

Uber buys artificial intelligence start-up, envisions flying cars

Dec 07, 2016

Uber has set its sights on artificial intelligence to speed up its autonomous driving plans, after it was revealed the company recently acquired a start-up called Geometric Intelligence. Geometric Intelligence is a research start-up company...

Uber testing driverless taxi technology with Ford Fusion

May 20, 2016

Uber has been spotted testing autonomous driving technology in the US, signalling a possible move away from human taxi drivers in the future. An autonomous hybrid Ford Fusion produced by Uber’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC)...

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