Toyota to end Australian manufacturing by end of 2017

Feb 10, 2014

Toyota has told its workers it will cease manufacturing in Australia by the end of 2017, putting the final nail in the local car industry’s coffin. Toyota’s shocking announcement comes after Holden declared it would...

Toyota under pressure as only Australian auto manufacturer

Dec 11, 2013

With Holden announcing it will close down auto manufacturing operations by the end of 2017, Toyota will remain as the only company to produce vehicles in Australia. The Japanese company says it is now under...

Toyota looking into wireless charging for electric cars

Dec 10, 2013

Being able to park your electric car in the garage at night and have it fully recharged without actually connecting anything could soon be a reality, with Toyota looking into wireless charging for their electric-powered...

BMW and Toyota to co-develop new sports car

Jul 02, 2012

BMW and Toyota bosses meet up for a major press conference leading into the weekend, with the two companies looking to work together to develop new technologies. The most interesting news to come from the...