Toyota Corolla ZR

2019 Toyota Corolla now on sale in Australia from $22,870

Aug 07, 2018

Toyota Australia has launched the all-new 2019 Toyota Corolla, bringing in dynamic underpinnings, a fresh design, and all-new levels of standard technology. Three main variant grades are being launched, spanning from the Ascent Sport, SX,...

2015 Toyota Corolla hatch review (video) – ZR & Ascent Sport

Aug 10, 2015

It’s what we all know as the world’s most popular small car. Here in Australia, the household name, Toyota Corolla, is no different as it heads for the third year in a row as Australia’s...

2014 Toyota Corolla ZR sedan review (video)

Jul 02, 2014

When you’ve been the world’s top selling car since 1974, and have sold over 40 million examples, you become hesitant to change what has proven to be a winning recipe......