Tesla Model 3

Tesla reports record loss in 3rd quarter, US$671 million

Nov 02, 2017

Having reported loss after loss, Tesla has just posted another one, this time of US$671 million for the third quarter of this year. This is the biggest loss the company has ever reported. Most of...

Tesla Model 3 production running at 10%, Q3 units miss initial targets

Oct 10, 2017

Production of the Tesla Model 3 is now well underway, with company boss Elon Musk using Instagram to send out a video showing the anticipated car during manufacturing. The video shows the Model 3 on the...

EPA reveals Tesla Model 3 power output & kerb weight

Aug 08, 2017

The Tesla Model 3 is now in production and deliveries have commenced, so you’d expect all specs to be revealed? Not so. Up until now the electric motor’s power and output, along with kerb weight...

Tesla Model 3 AWD dual-motor version coming in 2018

Aug 02, 2017

Demand for the Tesla Model 3 is far exceeding the production capacity. But, waiting could be a virtue as Tesla is planning a dual-motor, AWD model for next year. Deliveries for the highly-anticipated new model...

First Tesla Model 3 deliveries commence, full specs revealed

Jul 29, 2017

The first Tesla Model 3 orders have been delivered with a special ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Fremont, California. It’s been a long wait for tech fans and Tesla enthusiasts, but now the Model...

First Tesla Model 3 rolls off the production line (video)

Jul 11, 2017

The first production Tesla Model 3 rolled off the production line last week, blowing some analysts’ predictions of a delay out of the water. New video footage gives us a better look at the car...

Tesla Model 3 production to hit 20,000 by December

Jul 03, 2017

Tesla is on track to meet its commitment to commence production of its mainstream Model 3 model by the end of July, company boss Elon Musk says. Of the record order numbers, which total around...

Tesla production soon to commence in China – report

Jun 26, 2017

A deal for Tesla Motors allowing it unfettered access to one of the world’s most locked-up markets, China, might be imminent, according to Bloomberg. Private negotiations are said to be underway now for Tesla to...

Tesla Model 3 first test drives hit the road in the U.S.

Jun 23, 2017

A massive gallery for the Tesla Model 3 has been dumped ahead of the car’s official launch. These pictures, taken by Mark Ryan, are the candidate release versions of the Model 3 and show changes...

Tesla Model 3 details revealed; 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds, 396L cargo space (video)

May 24, 2017

Some more details of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 have been revealed, with a comparison chart stacking up the differences between the existing Model S large sedan and the new Model 3 mid-size sedan....

Tesla Model 3 on target, contributes to quarterly loss of $330 million

May 08, 2017

Tesla is taking what many analysts are calling a risky strategy with the upcoming Model 3 volume car, by elinminating many normal steps of the validation process to ensure the car has a chance of...

Tesla Model 3 to skip beta testing to ensure it meets production deadline

Mar 23, 2017

That Tesla has a lot riding on the upcoming Model 3 launch is a colossal understatement. Competitors, shareholders and those who have pre-ordered one are all watching closely, so the Californian company does not want...

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