Techrules plans dramatic production car for Geneva

Feb 22, 2017

Techrules, a Chinese startup company has shown a picture of the car that will reach production in limited numbers. Looking even more daring and fantastical than the GT96 concept shown at last year’s Geneva Motor...

Chinese Techrules recruits Euro experts to develop GT96

Aug 29, 2016

China’s first thoroughbred supercar may be closer than previously thought, following news that Techrules has started recruiting European experts to work on the GT96. The GT96 concept was quietly unveiled at this year’s Geneva motor...

Techrules Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) concept unveiled

Mar 02, 2016

Another attempt at a microturbine-powered hybrid car has surfaced at Geneva; the Chinese Techrules TREV. Vaguely similar to Jaguar’s ill-fated CX-75 concept, which was dusted off for the latest Bond film, Techrules is promising a...

Techrules previews turbine-recharging tech; 768kW Chinese supercar

Feb 18, 2016

Chinese-based automotive research and development company Techrules has announced plans to unveil an extravagant electric-powered supercar at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The company is aiming to showcase its latest developments in the field...