Switzer Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R battle: 1140kW Switzer vs 1251kW AMS

Nov 13, 2013

The mother of all races has taken place in Moscow, between in an AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Alpha 12+ with an astounding 1140kW (1550PS) versus a Switzer GT-R R1K-X Goliath producing a faint-inducing 1251kW (1700PS)....

Switzer Nissan GT-R ‘ClubSport’ is the ultimate track package

Jun 24, 2013

Switzer Performance has come up with a comprehensive track package for the Nissan GT-R called the ClubSport kit. It turns the already-weapon-grade GT-R into fully fledged track beast. Featuring the ‘Ultimate Street Edition‘ engine setup,...

1000hp Switzer Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition now turnkey ready

Dec 06, 2012

Instead of going through the sometimes arduous task of purchasing a new vehicle, and then finding tuning shops to provide you with the modifications that you want, Switzer Performance has the solution. Meet the Switzer...

Switzer P600 PKG Nissan GT-R tuning upgrade with 450kW

Aug 14, 2012

Renowned Nissan GT-R tuner Switzer has announced its P600 PKG tuning upgrade package for the 2012 Nissan GT-R. As you’d expect, engine power is given a good kick in the pants. Starting with the 3.8-litre...

Switzer Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition pack with 1000hp

Jun 29, 2012

When it comes to GT-R performance and tuning, Switzer is one of the companies you go for if you want extreme power. The Switzer Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition upgrade package has been announced, especially...

Video: 1000hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 vs 850hp Switzer Nissan GT-R

Mar 18, 2012

When an SUV goes up against a range of supercars in a mile drag race, you know it’s not going to be an ordinary SUV. As is the case with this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8,...

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