Super Bowl

Chevrolet and Hyundai ads set for 2014 Super Bowl

Jan 30, 2014

With the United States’ biggest sporting event creeping closer, we’re starting to see all the terrific ads and soundbites surface on the internet. We’ve already shown you Jaguar’s first ever Super Bowl ad but here...

Video: Chrysler Super Bowl XLVI ad starring Clint Eastwood

Feb 06, 2012

Known for his blunt punchlines and rolls as a hard-edged gunman in Hollywood blockbusters and classic spaghetti westerns, Clint Eastwood has starred in Chrysler’s latest TV ad for the American Super Bowl XLVI. Called simply...

Video: Best Super Bowl XLVI ads – part 2

Feb 03, 2012

Some more great Super Bowl XLVI ads have rolled out as more and more companies strive to make the biggest impact during the annual football event. There’s a new one from Kia, starring super model...

Video: Best American Super Bowl XLVI ads so far UPDATE

Jan 31, 2012

Every year, big companies have a crack at capturing the audience of the America Super Bowl by coming up with some of the best ads on TV. For this year’s Super Bowl XLVI, it’s no...