Smart Fortwo

Maybach Smart Fortwo envisioned, shows potential?

May 13, 2017

Sometimes it’s fun to combine things that don’t belong together, as you can get a surprising result. Like that Vegemite chocolate which came out last year. Celery and peanut butter. Simpsons and Family Guy. But...

New Smart Fortwo & Forfour Pure editions announced in UK

May 07, 2017

When the current, third-generation Smart car was up for renewal in 2014, Daimler’s Australian outpost said nein, citing high purchase cost and relatively low sales. This was despite the addition of a proper manual gearbox...

Brabus Sport Package for 2017 Smart ForTwo revealed

Aug 09, 2016

Brabus is showing off an aftermarket aesthetic upgrade package for the latest 2017 model Smart ForTwo city car, called the Sport Package. The third-generation Smart ForTwo (and rear-engined ForFour sibling) is not on sale in...

Smart ForTwo owner overturns £50 parking fine after year-long debate

Dec 17, 2014

There are many things that you can accomplish in one year: jog your way towards a better physical condition, complete graduate education, prepare a mind-blowing wedding proposal… And just recently, a 44-year-old business owner from...

Smart Fortwo with Toyota engine conversion does wheelies

May 29, 2014

You’ve probably never seen anything like this before. It’s a Smart Fortwo which has a Toyota 1.5-litre supercharged four-cylinder engine conversion. The result? A wheelstanding quarter mile of just 12.5 seconds. This car could be...

Smart Fortwo V8 drag car looks nuts

May 15, 2014

A Smart Fortwo fitted with a 462ci big block V8 engine isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of drag racing. The owner of this V8 Smart drag car has gone...