Singer Design Porsche 911

New Singer Porsche 911 DLS revealed, uses Williams tech

Jul 13, 2018

Renowned Porsche 911 builder Singer Design has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to create one the most awesome restomods we’ve ever seen. Welcome to the Singer Porsche 911 DLS (dynamic lightweight study). The project...

Singer Design reveals latest two Porsche 911 projects

Mar 10, 2016

Remember the ultra-cool Singer Design Porsche 911 classics from a few years ago? The Californian-based company has just announced two new models; the North Carolina and Florida. These two customer-commissioned cars will be on display...

Singer Design Porsche 911 debuts at LA Show

Nov 21, 2011

Remember the impeccably restored Singer Design Porsche 911 projects from earlier this year? The company has just made an international debut at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show showing its fourth project. This stunning silver...

Singer Design Porsche 911

Jun 21, 2011

Old-school anything is normally a sure-fire way to go if you’re after a really cool item. Singer Design, an avid Porsche enthusiast company, is making original Porsche 930 911s new again. The company does this...