‘Rush’ movie trailer… in Lego

Sep 10, 2013

Here’s an interesting take on the new Rush movie trailer, reconstructed in Lego. It must have taken the creators hours to assemble the scenes, and by the looks of it, it’s recreated with fine attention...

Video: ‘Rush’ movie trailer number 4 released

Aug 12, 2013

Another trailer of the hotly anticipated new movie Rush has hit YouTube. The latest trailer introduces James hunt, a character based on the F1 driver, played by Chris Hemsworth. As we know, the new movie,...

Video: ‘Rush’ movie trailer number 3 released

Jul 21, 2013

A third trailer of Ron Howard’s upcoming Rush movie has been released, giving us all more of a glimpse of the gripping new F1-focused movie. The new movie will be based on the lifestyle and...

Video: Rush featurette movie trailer released

Jun 26, 2013

Production of Ron Howard’s upcoming F1 movie, Rush, is getting nearer completion, and to whet our appetites a new featurette video showcase has been released. The video release is a bit of a behind-the-scenes feature...

Video: ‘Rush’ movie trailer released, story of Hunt vs Lauda

Apr 09, 2013

As you probably know, Ron Howard is working on an interesting new film which reenacts the life and lifestyles shared between famous F1 drivers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The first trailer of the movie,...