Porsche 959

For Sale: Gosford Classic Car Museum announces mega auction

Oct 02, 2017

A monster collection of classic cars, supercars, and mouth-watering muscle cars will go up for auction later this month at Gosford Classic Car Museum’s first public auction. Supported by Pickles, the massive event will see...

For Sale: Mint 1988 Porsche 959, to sell at Gooding auction

Jun 08, 2015

One of Porsche’s most iconic and rarest supercars is the 959, an example of which is going to auction in the US, expecting to net an eye-watering $1.8-1.9 million. The reason this particular example is...

Porsche’s secret 911 V8 concept

May 15, 2014

Although there has been a few custom conversions by enthusiasts, there was a time when Porsche was actually toying with the idea of a V8-powered 911. The company even went as far as creating a...

New Porsche ‘961’ Ferrari 458 rival to feature 918 V8?

Nov 02, 2012

With the McLaren MP4-12C and the Ferrari 458 enjoying the specific market segment all by themselves, Porsche will soon have its own high performance supercar to take them on potentially called the Porsche 961. The...

Porsche 959 crash in Montreal wrecks 1 of 337 in the world

Sep 04, 2012

A very rare Porsche 959 has been involved in a crash in Montreal, Canada, over the weekend, destroying parts of the front and rear ends. The supercar is one of only around 337 that were...

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