Nissan Silvia

Video: Drifting craze now about reverse entry

Apr 08, 2017

To many people, drifting is a skill and delicate artform that is extremely satisfying to perfect. The delicate balance required to sustain power oversteer on a circuit requires exceptional car control and an understanding of...

Back to school… with Drift School Australia (video)

Sep 02, 2015

When we do have a performance car on review, we’re usually lucky enough to head out to the track and see what it’s all about. Eliminating the limitations of the public road and blasting around...

S14 Nissan Silvia gets AMG V8 engine conversion (video)

Apr 02, 2014

The old S14 Nissan Silvia (200SX) is a very popular car in the drift scene, with enthusiasts tuning the standard SR20 turbo motor, or even whacking in a powerful six-cylinder engine from a Skyline. As...

New Nissan Silvia (200SX) on the way?

Apr 05, 2012

Driving enthusiasts the world over will be excited with this one; Nissan has announced it would consider producing a new Nissan Silvia (200SX) if there is enough demand for it. Speaking at the 2012 New...