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McLaren 720S

First McLaren 720S crash in Belgium ends in the bush

Oct 09, 2017

A spanking new McLaren 720S has been involved in crash in Belgium over the weekend. It’s believed to the be first serious crash in a 720S since the model hit the market. The McLaren 720S...

McLaren considering AWD for future supercars, electric front axle

Jul 12, 2017

Woking, United Kingdom-based supercar baron McLaren is looking strongly at introducing all-wheel drive vehicles to its range, a report has revealed. Currently, all of McLaren’s vehicles are rear-wheel drive and that includes the incoming 720S...

Ron Dennis sells his McLaren shares, steps down as chairman

Jul 01, 2017

McLaren has formed a new group called McLaren Group which combines McLaren Technology and McLaren Automotive into one, with company boss Ron Dennis selling his shares in the two companies. The Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company...

McLaren not jumping on the SUV bandwagon, sales soaring

Jun 09, 2017

McLaren won’t be jumping on the SUV fashion train any time soon, according to McLaren Automotive’s Asia Pacific boss. Instead, the company is continuing its focus on driver’s cars and GT cars. More and more SUVs...

McLaren 720S arrives in Australia, priced from $489,900

Jun 09, 2017

Another new chapter has begun at McLaren following its revival a few years ago, with the Australian debut of the next-gen Super Series car; the McLaren 720S. McLaren unveiled the car today to Australian media, giving us...

Top 10 best performance cars coming to Australia in 2017-2018

Apr 07, 2017

Performance car enthusiasts are at something of a crossroads. Due to emissions regulations and shifting consumer preference, the best sports cars are ditching the manual gearbox and are disappearing before our eyes. With the end...

McLaren shows off 720S ‘Velocity’, created by MSO

Mar 09, 2017

Following the unveiling of the all-new McLaren 720S at the Geneva motor show, the British marque has also revealed a one-off version created by its MSO department called Velocity. McLaren Special Operations division is all...

McLaren 720S unleashed at Geneva, debuts 530kW 4.0TT V8

Mar 08, 2017

The McLaren 720S has made its world debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland overnight, showcasing an all-new engine, more speed, and even more technology. It might look similar to existing McLaren models,...

McLaren 720S leaks out early, shows off dihedral doors

Mar 03, 2017

McLaren’s all-new 720S has been fully revealed via a leaked photo, after a highly drawn out and teaser-filled launch campaign. Days before its 2017 Geneva motor show unveiling, the 720S uses a sharper and bolder...

Upcoming McLaren Super Series ‘720S’ gets folding digital instrument display

Mar 02, 2017

McLaren has released the next teaser instalment for the upcoming Super Series model, dubbed the ‘720S’, showing off its new digital instrument display. Called the McLaren Driver Interface, it debuts an all-new innovative function. Instead...

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