Heico Sportiv Volvo V40

Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 HPC packs AWD and 257kW

Jun 26, 2013

Renowned Volvo tuner Heico Sportiv has revealed its latest project, the Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 HPC. The package adds a lot of flamboyance to the sharp new V40, including an all-wheel drive system and a...

Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 T5 HPC coming, 257kW super hot hatch

Jun 18, 2013

Volvo tuning specialist Heico Sportiv has released a teaser image of a new project it is working on. Called the Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 T5 HPC, the new hatch is set to be transformed into...

Heico Sportiv Volvo V40 T3 tuning pack, with help from Pirelli

May 16, 2013

Even though the new Volvo V40 only just went on sale at the start of this year, tuning company Heico Sportiv and Pirelli tyres have already collaborated for a new tuning package for the sharp...

Heico Sportiv 2013 Volvo V40 revealed

Jun 08, 2012

Heico Sportiv has revealed its performance upgrade kit for the brand-new 2013 Volvo V40. The German tuning company was busy preparing a tune for the new model the second it was unveiled. As previewed earlier...

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