Grand Theft Auto

NSW Police offended by Grand Theft Auto mod (video)

Feb 20, 2017

A mod for the computer version of Grand Theft Auto has caused hysteria and furrowed eyebrows among mainstream media and senior ministers. The mod sees the familiar boys-in-blue patrolling San Andreas, faithfully copied in digital...

Lindsay Lohan tries to sue GTA V creators, fails

Sep 06, 2016

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan has lost a lawsuit posed against the developers of the popular console game Grand Theft Auto V. Lohan accused GTA’s developer Take-Two Interactive of basing the virtual character Lacey Jonas on...

Grand Theft Auto V makes $800M during first day on sale

Sep 22, 2013

Rockstar Games released the hugely anticipated Grand Theft Auto V console game on Thursday, and so far it has been an absolute hit with gamers all around the world. So popular in fact it raked...

Video: Grand Theft Auto V official tralier released

Aug 31, 2013

The first full official trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V console game has hit the web. The game is regarded as one of the most highly anticipated games of this year. Rockstar Games...

Video: Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer released

Jul 11, 2013

The first gameplay trailer has been released of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V console game. And by the looks of it, it’s going to be an awesome one. As previously reported, the latest iteration...

Video: Grand Theft Auto V trailer previews three in-game characters

May 05, 2013

A lot of exciting new console games are on the horizon at the moment, including the latest Rockstar Games installment; Grand Theft Auto V. A trailer has just been released showing some background to the...