Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray Automotive previews all-new iStream-based supercar

Nov 05, 2017

Gordon Murray Automotive is planning to build an all-new vehicle under the newly relaunched IGM brand, and has released a teaser image of the low-slung supercar ahead of its reveal. The car will be Gordon...

Gordon Murray helps engineer world’s first flat-pack truck

Sep 07, 2016

Gordon Murray, the brains behind the original McLaren F1 hypercar, has helped engineer the world’s first flat-pack truck called the Ox, by Global Vehicle Trust. It is designed to be affordable and conquer rough terrain...

iStream Carbon tub chassis revealed, ready for production

Oct 29, 2015

Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbon tub chassis is on display at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, giving the public its first look at the revolutionary platform. It’s being billed as the “world’s most affordable high volume...

Shell and Gordon Murray to co-develop new city car

Apr 14, 2015

Oil company Shell and Gordon Murray, the man famous for co-designing the McLaren F1, are set to collaborate to build and design a new concept city car. Called ‘Project M’, the car will be powered...

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