Google car

Google reveals fully autonomous Waymo Chrysler Pacifica

Dec 19, 2016

Google has revealed its fully autonomous Chrysler Pacifica-based Waymo, showcasing all of the latest developments the tech giant has made over the past few years. The Pacifica was selected as part of a partnership deal...

Google car project still going ahead, now called Waymo

Dec 14, 2016

Google has decided to spin-off its autonomous driving program and create an entirely separate entity, Waymo. The news acts to directly refute the claims of reports speculating that Google was no longer developing an autonomous...

Top 10 ways people could move in the future

Nov 24, 2016

It’s always fun to speculate about how we as a species could move around in the future. Cars as an extension of human travel are undergoing unprecedented metamorphosis in every possible way; up, faster, nomadic,...

Google autonomous car project passes 2 million miles

Oct 06, 2016

Google’s self-driving car project has hit a development milestone, having clocked up two million miles (3.2 million km) on public roads, as it nears a 2020 release date. Alphabet Inc, the team in charge of...

Hyundai & Google to co-develop autonomous tech?

Aug 18, 2016

There may be an upcoming partnership between Hyundai and tech-giant Google, following meetings between the two companies in Seoul. Hyundai president Jeong Jin Haeng offered a confirmation-of-sorts following a meeting involving South Korea’s trade ministry...

Video: Google car edited into Grand Theft Auto V

May 06, 2016

GTA V is the ultimate sandbox game and therefore the perfect template for funny and crazy ideas. YouTube user pizzaforbreakfast has used the game to create a spoof of Google’s self-driving bubble car. Overlaid with...

Apple & Google Car projects more advanced than expected: Daimler CEO

Jan 25, 2016

News from Reuters suggests Apple and Google’s autonomous vehicle projects might be further advanced than previously thought. The tip came from Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, after a recent trip to silicon Valley. Zetsche was on...

Autonomous Google car involved in crash, human error (video)

Jul 20, 2015

Google’s fleet of autonomous vehicles have been involved in 14 accidents since testing began in 2009. The latest of which was a rear-ender that occurred on July 1. The incident in question occurred near Google’s...

Google executive says autonomous cars are inevitable

Apr 22, 2015

Google executive Ray Kurzweil has delivered a speech at the SAE World Congress in the US, detailing his predictions for the future, including what is in store for the automobile. The director of engineering at...

Google unveils autonomous vehicle, no steering wheel or pedals

May 28, 2014

It was always an inevitable breakthrough. Google has revealed its first fully autonomous vehicle with no steering wheel and no pedals. You just jump in and it takes you where you need to go. Google...

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