Ford Falcon GT

For Sale: Original 1975 Ford XB Falcon GT

Mar 09, 2017

Today’s Cool Find is a rare piece of Australian muscle car folklore. 1970s Ford Falcons are getting thin on the ground, especially hardtops and GTs – and we have found one of the latter, ready...

For Sale: Original 1971 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III

Apr 28, 2016

Shannon’s upcoming Autumn Auction on May 2 will feature plenty of pristine Australian history and motorsport legends, including an original Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III. Maintained in original condition since being built in 1971, this...

Top 10 best fast Ford Falcon models (of all time)

Feb 10, 2016

In its 56-year lifespan, some of the Falcons that have left Broadmeadows production line were serious weapons. From collector’s items, to race winners, to tuner’s delights; here are 10 of our favourites. Feel free to...

600kW FPV GT F police car joins NSW Force

Oct 02, 2014

It was only last week we reported that the NSW Police Force had added a Porsche 911 Carrera to its fleet. Well, we’re here to inform you they’ve decided to add another car, except this...

Ford Falcon GT out accelerates a Lamborghini Gallardo

Apr 18, 2014

It’s not often you see a Ford Falcon GT out accelerating a Lamborghini Gallardo, but that’s exactly what happens in the video below. The bright yellow Falcon is provoked by the Lamborghini to an acceleration...

FPV GT ‘351’ last hurrah for FPV, most powerful Falcon ever

Mar 22, 2014

The return of the Ford Falcon GT '351'. Will it happen or is it just a rumour? FPV will apparently introduce a new 351 as a last hurrah before the company closes down for good...

For Sale: Holden Torana SL/R 5000 and Ford XT Falcon GT

Jan 18, 2012

A collection of rare Australian classics will go up for auction next month, including a 1976 Holden LX Torana SL/R 5000, and a 1968 Ford XT Falcon GT. The classics will go under the hammer...

For Sale: 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X, 1970 Ford XW GT Falcon, Charger, Holden Torana XU-1

Nov 11, 2011

Another 1977 Holden LX Torana A9X Hatchback is going to go under the hammer at a Shannons auction event this year. Later this month, three other classic Aussie muscle cars will also go up for...

Past Blast: 1997 EL Ford Falcon GT

Sep 15, 2011

The 1997 EL Ford Falcon GT seems to be a bit of a forgotten performance car these days. With its ‘over-styled’ bodykit and funky-looking plastic woodgrain, it was certainly very ’90s, and much different to...

Forza 4 includes 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT and other Aussie muscle cars

Sep 10, 2011

The next installment of the awesome Forza Motorsport Xbox 360 game, Forza 4, will feature a raft of Aussie muscle cars including the 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT coupe. Rumour has it the Ford XY...

For Sale: 1969 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase I at Shannons auction

Aug 25, 2011

An original 1969 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase I will go under the hammer at the Shannons Melbourne Spring Auction on September 12. The rare GT-HO is in original condition and comes with the original 351-cubic-inch...

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