Ferrari 599 GTO

For Sale: Top 10 cars at 2017 Monterey auction

Aug 08, 2017

Each year car enthusiasts from across the United States and the world descend on the seaside California town of Monterey for one of the automotive world’s most incredible events; the Monterey Car Week. Last year,...

For Sale: Low-km Ferrari 599 GTO, 1 of 599 made

Dec 07, 2015

A mint condition 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO has been posted for sale online in the Netherlands, for a price of nearly $1.2 million. Hoefnagels, a dealership in the Netherlands, posted the ad, with the limited-edition...

Valet parker crashes Ferrari 599 GTO into shop front in Rome

Apr 03, 2015

A valet driver in Rome has crashed a Ferrari 599 GTO into a shop window after confusing the brake pedal for the accelerator. Tensions between the Dutch and the Italians have never been higher. The...

11 repossessed supercars auctioned off for 3.1 million euros

Jul 18, 2013

Up to 11 high-end and very desirable supercars were repossessed in Africa in 2011, and now all have been sold for just 3.1 million euros (AU$4.4M) at an auction in Paris. Although it is expensive,...

Ferrari to build one-off model based on 599 GTO

Aug 28, 2012

When you’ve got the money, anything is possible. An avid Ferrari fan and rich enthusiast in Dubai named Cheerag Arya has put in a special order for Ferrari, to build him a striking coupe based...

Video: Deadly Ferrari 599 GTO crash caught on film

May 16, 2012

A spectacular but also very unfortunate Ferrari 599 GTO crash has been caught on camera in Singapore. The driver sadly lost his life in the accident, after going through a red light. According to reports,...

Romeo Ferraris Ferrari 599 GTO tuning kit with 522kW

Mar 30, 2012

Romeo Ferrari has released a tuning package for the already ballistic Ferrari 599 GTO. The Italian tuning company is offering two different packages, ranging from 504kW to 522kW. In standard form, the Ferrari 599 GTO...

Ferrari 599 GTO matt pink – tuning fail?

Sep 12, 2011

Is pink the new black? This matt pink Ferrari 599 GTO was spotted in Dubai recently, cruising around proud, powerful and very pink. We’re not so sure pink is the colour of billionaires. We could...

Ferrari 599 GTO crash in Czech Republic

Aug 19, 2011

A serious Ferrari 599 GTO crash has occurred in the Czech Republic, destroying one of only 599 Ferrari 599 GTO’s in the world. According to reports, the 69-year-old driver lost control of the 599 GTO...

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