Bugatti Veyron

2016 Bugatti Veyron-Chiron prototype

Video: Next-gen Bugatti Veyron ‘Chiro...

Apr 27, 2015

Bugatti has been spotted test driving a prototype version of the highly anticipated Veyron successor, tipped to be called the ‘Chiron’. It’s expected to break

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Final...

Mar 03, 2015

In a poignant moment for the automotive world, Bugatti has officially unveiled the last Veyron model ever made, the Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale. Due

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse La Finale preview

Final Bugatti Veyron sold; Grand Sport Vite...

Feb 24, 2015

The last ever Bugatti Veyron has finally been sold. It’s based on the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, called, rather fittingly, the La Finale. It will

Quicksilver Exhaust Bugatti Veyron

Quicksilver develops aftermarket exhaust fo...

Feb 13, 2015

The Bugatti Veyron is no stranger when it comes to breaking records. Thanks to a UK-based tuning house called Quicksilver Exhausts, it’s now the vehicle

Dubai police patrol

Dubai police patrol the night in style; Bug...

Feb 11, 2015

Police departments all around the world, if you want to really catch people’s attention, try taking a few notes from a recent video published by the

Bugatti London fashion store

Bugatti opens first fashion store in London...

Nov 14, 2014

The London district of Knightsbridge is unquestionably a shopper’s Shangri-La. The mighty towers of Harrods overlook this big spenders’ walk of fame, where myriad British

Renault Clio V6

Top 10 awesome performance cars never sold ...

Sep 10, 2014

Australians love performance cars. Fortunately, there are a whole heap to choose from at the moment, both on the new car market and secondhand. There

Bugatti Veyron lake crash Texas

Bugatti Veyron insurance fraud, driver coul...

Aug 28, 2014

Some might remember the strange Bugatti Veyron crash a few years back that was accidentally caught on film. The owner is now facing criminal charges

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse 1 of 1

Bugatti Veyron GS Vitesse ‘1 of 1R...

Aug 19, 2014

Another special edition Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse has been revealed, called the 1 of 1 edition. It’s inspired by various Bugatti models of yesteryear.

Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Legends Ettore edition-side

Bugatti Veyron GS Vitesse Ettore edition, l...

Aug 08, 2014

Bugatti has revealed its sixth and last ‘Legends’ special edition, with this version dedicated to the company’s founder, Ettore Bugatti. Like all of the previous

Bugatti Veyron-Jean Pierre Wimille edition

Next Bugatti Veyron; hybrid, direct injecti...

Aug 07, 2014

There’s been a lot of commotion in the world of sheer high speed and brute power lately, with Hennessey and Bugatti having an ongoing dogfight

Six Bugatti Veyrons

Being overtaken by six Bugatti Veyrons

Aug 06, 2014

As far as getting overtaking goes, there is no shame in being overtaken by a Bugatti Veyron we say. A driver cruising along in Sun