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BMW Z4 to retain name, not Z5, concept in August – report

May 30, 2017

One of the most talked-about and anticipated sports car partnerships will manifest this year when the wraps come off Toyota and BMW’s co-developed sports cars. Toyota’s will sell the new Supra coupe, a car enthusiasts...

Top 10 best performance cars coming to Australia in 2017-2018

Apr 07, 2017

Performance car enthusiasts are at something of a crossroads. Due to emissions regulations and shifting consumer preference, the best sports cars are ditching the manual gearbox and are disappearing before our eyes. With the end...

2018 BMW Z5 spotted playing in snow, nice engine sound (video)

Jan 28, 2017

BMW has been spotted test driving a prototype version of the Z5 in the snow again, with the driver showing off some of the fun sides of driving a rear-wheel drive in slippery conditions. As...

2018 BMW ‘Z5’ spotted at Nurburgring, interesting aero kit (video)

Sep 26, 2016

Following the recent spotting of the new Toyota Supra at the Nurburgring, it seems BMW is readying its version of the car expected to adopt a ‘Z5’ nameplate. It’s understood BMW and Toyota are co-developing...

No plans for M version of BMW’s upcoming Supra-based Z5 – report

Jun 21, 2016

A high-level BMW exec has confirmed that its upcoming sports car collaboration with Toyota won’t be receiving any performance touches from its M division, according to a report. Road and Track author Máté Petrány claims...

Top 10 cars to look forward to before 2020

Aug 31, 2015

Between now and 2020, the automotive landscape is set to change dramatically. This decade has already seen a few trends emerge, with downsized and turbocharged engines as well as infotainment widely adopted across the industry....

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