BMW X5 M50d

BMW announces quad-turbo diesel, will replace M50d unit

May 02, 2016

You might have heard of BMW’s triple-turbo-diesel 3.0-litre straight six, which is found in the X5 and X6 M50d. Well, now BMW has upped the ante and given it four turbochargers. The more turbochargers the...

BMW working on quad-turbo diesel for ‘750d’, could replace M50d unit

Jul 30, 2015

You’ve heard of the tri-turbo diesel, currently available in BMW’s X5 M50d and X6 M50d. Now we hear there might be a quad-turbo diesel on the way from the Bavarian manufacturer, set to debut in...

Race: BMW X5 M50d vs Range Rover Sport V8

Jul 19, 2014

Here’s an interesting contest by South African website It’s between the BMW X5 M50d and its 280kW/740Nm tri-turbo-diesel 3.0-litre six, and the Range Rover Sport and its 375kW/625Nm supercharged petrol V8. What’s quicker do...

2014 BMW X5 M50d facelift more efficient, slightly quicker

Aug 31, 2013

The updated BMW X5 M50d has been revealed, showcasing the world’s most powerful inline six-cylinder diesel engine featuring its industry-first triple turbocharging technology. For those who love the idea of a high performance SUV but...

2014 BMW X5 officially revealed, improved handling and performance

May 31, 2013

BMW has taken the wraps off the new 2014 BMW X5, which has undergone a major facelift. The new model comes with added features to improve handling, and some tweaks under the bonnet for increased...

2012 BMW X5, X6 M50d tri-turbo now on sale in Australia

Jun 27, 2012

BMW has announced a mid-life update for the 2012 BMW X6, and has launched the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d tri-turbo-diesel M Performance models in Australia. Starting with the new M Performance range,...

BMW M: 40 years of race-bred road cars

May 24, 2012

This year, and this month, BMW M celebrates its 40th birthday. We thought we’d take a look at the history of BMW’s motorsport division, and some of the awesome cars it has produced over the...

2012 BMW X5 M50d and X6 tri-turbo diesel Australian prices announced

May 14, 2012

BMW Australia has announced pricing details for the new tri-turbo diesel 2012 BMW X5 M50d and 2012 BMW X6 M50d. These will be the only tri-turbo diesel BMWs to join the local lineup. Featuring a...

Video: BMW M550d tri-turbo diesel tested by Chris Harris

Mar 10, 2012

The new BMW M550d 5 Series uses an all-new triple-turbo diesel engine developed by M Division. Overall power output reads like a meaty V8 spec sheet, with 280kW and a whopping 740Nm. The power is...

Video: BMW M550d M Performance tri-turbo diesel explained

Feb 28, 2012

BMW has released an interesting video outlining the workings of the new BMW M Performance tri-turbo diesel engine, found in the BMW M550d and X5 and X6 M50d. The new engine is, as far as...

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